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About Nietzsche Enterprise
Nietzsche Enterprise - Wireless Sensors and Control Solutions Provider

- Nietzsche’s focus:
1. Residential Wireless Sensors and Control Solutions - Security Sensors, Life Safety Sensors, Comfort Sensors, Smart Plug, ZigBee Power Meter, ZigBee Strobe Siren, ZigBee Remote Control, 3G and Wi-Fi to ZigBee Gateway, Sensor Cloud Platfrom, Standard ZigBee Home Automation Protocol Devices...etc.

2. Industrial Wireless Sensors and Control Solutions - Temperature & Humidity Sensors, CO2 Sensors, Soil Moisture Sensors, PH Sensors, Conductivity Sensors, RS485 Wireless Transmitter, ModBus RTU Protocol Wireless Devices...etc.  
- Mission Statement:
We develop SMART CITY vision by building up Intuitive, Convenient, Reliable and Rapid Return on Investment wireless sensors and control solutions for residential and industrial users.
- Our Position:
1. Globally recognized leading company in ZigBee solution integration
2. 40 years experiences in residential security, communication and environment monitoring
3. One-stop shopping in providing cloud APP, gateway, sensor and actuator products. 
4. Global distribution channels/partners for fast accessibility
5. 40 years customer satisfaction commitments
Brand History
It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book. 
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Est. 1978, Nietzsche Enterprise locates in Taipei, Taiwan is a brand resonating the ambition of Friedrich Nietzsche to truly make life easier for Smart Citizens by providing with wireless sensors and control solutions in the qualities of Intuitive, Convenient, Reliable and Rapid Return on Investment
Nietzsche Enterprise has established in the conditions of global economic leap in 1978. We started with making switches for TV, Morse coder for military, and battery packs for two-way radio manufacturer.
Back to 2000, we have seen the trend of wireless sensor network, so we started to build wireless modules into various sensors. From then on, Nietzsche officially entered the business of manufacturing wireless (IoT; internet of things) sensors and use the wireless sensors to simplify any data acquisition system in every vertical industries.
Over the years, Nietzsche has expanded the business into providing patterns to customers in various vertical industries such as home/building security, cold storage, agriculture, instrumentation, logistics, and surveillance…etc. by installing wireless sensors and providing managerial softwares.
Nietzsche Enterprise has data center in Taipei and provides global Sensor Cloud platform service, called SentrolCloud. That is a platform forming patterns by all sensors data as well as being an user interface setting profiles for automation control, that provides instant warning and future insights to maximize performances for residential owners, site supervisors and researchers to monitor data, gain patterns and automatically control their focal environments cleverly with rapid return on investment.