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About Nietzsche Enterprise

Mission and Positioning Statement
Est. 1978, Nietzsche Enterprise commits to alleviating the constraints of wires and cables in the fields of automation and security. We seek to empower our customers with technology that gives them knowledge of and control over their environments by establishing WIRELESS SENSING NETWORKS that comply with safety and environment protection regulations. Nietzsche Enterprise is engaged in three main fields, namely; Wireless Data Collecting Solutions, Safety & Security Solutions and Portable Power.
Product Philosophy
● Relevance to Customer’s Key Problems:
Over the past 36 years, we believe in ’customer involvement in product development’ to ensure our solutions are relevant to the key problems of every customer. Before launching any product, we work closely with existing customers to test and sample the series and improve upon their comments and feedback. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

● Efficiency of Service:
We provide pre and post-sale support and strive to ensure that our customers are using the most suitable and efficient products and solutions for their needs. We also offer technical support to ensure that our systems are installed correctly, working properly and being used in the most efficient manner. We encourage open conversation and feedback as this helps us better our products. That way we can create a satisfactory and pleasant experience for our customers.

● Commit to Service:
We add tremendous values on our products by providing our services and show our commitments to solve
problems to our customers. For example, we assist our customers to get certificate or approval for government.
We provide key materials information for our customers to make effective decisions. And we provide strong
technique supports when customers apply our products.

Address: 4F., No.560, Sec. 2, ChungShan Rd., Chung Ho Dist.,
New Taipei City 235, Taiwan