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About Nietzsche Enterprise
Nietzsche Enterprise - Patterns for Maximizer
Our Mission:
We assist supervisors and researchers to find patterns of their vertical industries cleverly for optimal performance.
Our Purpose:
To embrace the era of big data, maximizers are able to make decisions based on patterns they perceive from the real world while reducing noise from redundant information.
To collect data cleverly, as in Intuitive, Convenient, Reliable and Rapid Return on Investment, is as important as to collect long-term data no bias to the real situation.
Showing big data in a way that maximizer can recognize pattern easily for them to make effective and efficient decision and it can be accessed anywhere, and anytime without restrictions when they are on the move.
That is what we do and what we have been perusing. We have long way to go and lots of things to learn, but the purpose is what we serve and what we value now and in the future. 
Brand History
Est. 1978, Nietzsche Enterprise locates in Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China) is a brand presents an thinking of collecting and utilizing pattern cleverly by adopting proven technology.
Taiwan is the leading country with democratic entity comparing to the rest of the Pan-Chinese countries in history, but for over past 300 – 400 hundreds years, Taiwan has been changing the governances, from Dutch, Spanish, Min Dynasty, Chin Dynasty, Japan, China to now the Republic of China. With that tradition, people here with a mindset of leveraging current resources to create a better life quality no matter how the sky changes, thus the life style in Taipei possesses the most adoptive, diversified and creative atmosphere. With that DNA within, Taipei gathers talents and geeks globally to adopt proven technologies in solving industry problems.
Nietzsche Enterprise has established in the conditions of global economic leap in 1978. We started with making switches for TV, Morse coder for military, and battery packs for two-way radio manufacturer.
Back to 2000, we have seen the trend of wireless life, so we start to build in wireless module into various sensors. From then on, Nietzsche officially entered the business of manufacturing wireless (IoT; internet of things) sensors.
Over the years, Nietzsche has expanded the business into providing patterns to customers in various vertical industries such as cold storage, agriculture, instrumentation, logistics, security and surveillance…etc. by installing wireless sensors and providing managerial software.
Now Nietzsche Enterprise has its own data center in Taipei, Taiwan and provides global Sensor Cloud platform service, called SentrolCloud. That is a platform forming patterns by all sensors data as well as being an user interface setting profiles for automation control, that provides insights to maximize performances for supervisors and researchers, whom we call “Maximizers”, to monitor data, gain patterns and automatically control their focal environments.
Nietzsche Enterprise is continued to work with our clients globally to find patterns of their work settings and realize rapid return of investment with them.