Measure & Log Temperature
and Humidity of every freezer

Nietzsche RH/T datalogger
Yes, Value Goods Worths of Tracked in Real-time
Nietzsche’s Logistics Wireless Logger Tag
Would You Risk Your Life Using
Smoke Detector Without Strict Tests?
Nietzsche’s Smoke Detector Has Passed 11 Stringent Tests
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Wireless Sensors You Can Rely On!
Nietzsche wireless sensors and Sentrolcloud control solutions become the industry standard because of its simple, intuitive, reliable and rapid return on investment quality for security, safety and environment monitoring.

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An industry wireless communication leader in sensor and control

New to smart sensor solutions
Our expertise to smart sensor technology covers the basics for those just getting started. You’ll get a real-world application examples in a range of home security, building automation, agriculture data acquisition, cold chain tracking and environment monitoring.
What kind of wireless sensors are you looking for?
Life Safety
Cold Storage
Energy Management
Lighting Control
Home Automation
Environment Monitoring
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