NB-IoT / Cat-M1 Smart Padlock
Built for advanced security,
and operation with no hassles
No worry about the keys being duplicated, with its Geo-positioning and Operator's network, the smart padlock is able to be unlocked by smart devices and register the whole process within the system for audit.
Unlock it by keys? No!!
Ease of use, and advanced level of security
Lock up the gateway/door with the smart padlock, it requires authorized account or time-sensitive pin codes to unlock the padlock.
Know who, when, how, and where the padlock is unlocked
Unlock the padlock by connected devices, and GPS-located report.
No matter that are mobile assets, or static properties, as long as it requires lock, the padlock is able to help and track.
Containers, factories, warehouses, plants, and so many more...etc.
Key takeaways for operating a Smart Padlock
Why we encourage the property owners to consider replacing all traditional padlocks simply because it is not secure.
Alternatively, with all the features below, the owners experience the security as well as clarity in operation.
5 years battery life
3x LISO2 Industrial batteries (27AH 3.6V) gives up to 5 years battery life (based on 15 activations/data transfers a day). Lock stays in sleep mode and is only awoken for a short activation period when control and report is exchanged from the lock.
Authorized user(s) can unlock the smart padlock via web-based interface in that it is connected to the internet with NB-IoT and LTE-M which exist on mobile networks. This feature is particularly helpful for authorized user(s) who do not require to carry all the keys, simply unlock over the user interface.
The Smart Lock provides security protection all the way from lock to the platform. In hardware, it is equipped with AES128 and a customized ARM Trustzone Zone310 crypto cell; in software, the management platform is equipped with authorized key management for supervisor and user(s). This feature is particularly helpful for authorized user(s) who do not require managing all the physical keys, and avoid keys to be copied by unauthorized users illegally.
The Smart Lock is equipped with a high resolution GPS sensor, once it is unlocked, then the lock will report its GPS coordinates to the management for tracking. This feature is particularly helpful for identifying where the lock is open by integrating a dynamic geo-fence to alert when it shouldn't be unlocked.
Unlock ApproachPortal, Time-sensitive pins, and BLE(Optional)
Fixed ScrewsSpecial anti-theft screws
BatteriesIndustry battery 27Ah with pulse protection
Optional BatteriesDesignated rechargeable battery
Battery LifespanUp to 5 years (Conditionally)
Operating Temperature-30 to 70°C
Operating Humidity20% to 99%RH (Non-condensing)
Lock Weight1.2 Kg
CommunicationNB IoT, Cat-M1, BLE(Optional)
Support BandsBand28/Band5/Band20/Band8/Band3
Time StampSupports in all signals
Geo-position ReportGPS coordinates report when being unlocked
Tamper-proof ReportUnexpected unlock, case open
Compatible Portalwww.myVIPlock.com; 3rd Party Portal
API IntegrationSupports
3 Simple Steps to activate the service
Operation all padlock on the go
With the simplistic design of the user interface, it allows users to operate the padlocks without installing any redundant mobile app whatsoever. Just tap into the current browser you have and you are good to go.

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